these past few weeks

So, I haven’t posted in awhile (three weeks) but I have a valid reason.

No, I don’t, not really. Basically, it comes down to this little thing called going to school, and the more pressing problem of revision. All the damn time.

Anyway, recently-

I finally finished Phillip K Dick’s ‘Man in the High Castle’ which was complex, actually quite unsettling – but all in all, pretty good. I look forward to finally (everything’s quite ‘finally’ today isn’t it?) starting to watch the amazon series, because adaptations are awesome to watch, in my humble opinion.

I started Stranger Things (finally) about six months late, but it’s good yeah – a lot of nostalgia. And I saw Guardians of the Galaxy two last week ’cause I’m a huge Marvel nerd. It was amazing, which was expected. Peter Quill’s dad being a giant planet-thing was really weird and just the kind of crazy storyline I needed at that point. It’s been a bit of a continually subtle time of constant sadness, to try and not sound completely cliché/soppy/pathetic/slash.

What else have I done? Oh yeah, D of E was a few weeks ago – which was… delightful. It was pretty great actually, apart from one of my team-mates was a real ###### if you get what I mean.

I sketched out a few upcoming chapters if anyone follows my story ‘The Red Stripes’ on wattpad – there is (hopefully) some exciTING stuff coming.

Basically, I’ve been doing French every day and should have a post coming soon on some language-y tips from a very (very) amateur French speaker – I still emphasise the amateur. It’s a beautiful language, I love it really. Haha.

To be really *British* about things, let’s talk about the weather – and flipping crazy its been! I mean like woah! Is Katy Perry here because it’s hot then it’s cold all the damn time! God that was a bad pun, I’m sorry – y’know you’ve been doing too much work when you make a Katy Perry Pun…

The aesthetic game is ON though on Instagram, gotta love those spring colours for a bit of photography now and again (all the time).

Oh, are there any Fall Out Boy fans out there? What did you think of ‘Young and Menace’? I was like ‘hmm’ at first but now I’m like ‘Young and Menace!’ all the (damn) time, It’s a new style again for them and I really appreciate how they (unlike some other copy-and-paste pop bands) are actually brave enough to try new styles.

Sorry for rambling about my life, I find it boring too – don’t you just wanna travel?

Let’s talk about the WORLD instead because it flipping annoys, upsets and angers me sometimes. Maybe all the time, actually. The most annoying thing though? I can’t do anything. Well, not until I’m a legal adult anyway and I can actually make choices about my own life – the angst, sigh. No, real issues, like war, and famine, and poverty, and racism, and sexism, and homophobism – just discrimination and everything suck-y in general really. And people who brush it off like these issues are just a million miles away so it doesn’t matter. And maybe they are (a million miles away) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. I guess I just care too much, that’s what people tell me when we get into ‘debates’ at forced-family-dinner-events.

Mini-rant over, the world sucks sometimes. Period. (I’m turning a bit Amercian I think)

So if I’m actually going to, well, inspire anyone with these posts I’d guess I’d say just talk about it. The world, and the things that annoy you. Talk with your friends, family – heck even strangers if you want to. I mean, don’t just be happy getting told you’re just a mouthy teenager or whatever. Just look at the awesome Women’s and Science marches that have happened in the past few weeks. We have voices, we might as well use them. Ah, I fell into the cringe. Sorry.

I say sorry quite a lot. I was literally just about to say sorry again there. Maybe it’s a *British* thing.

Anyway, I have some veggie tacos downstairs waiting for me, so I’m going to leave it here. See you (wait what, is that the right phrase?) in the next post.



2017-05-02 06.50.16 1

i love the muted colours and the complexity and detail of the branch, ah nature



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