let’s talk about… writing

So, let’s just get straight to it today – I’m in that kinda mood.

This is going to be the first of a few (and maybe more, if they are successful) of some vaguely conversational-type posts, I thought I’d start with something familiar.

In short, I’m writing a novel (or at least trying to write a novel…). I’ve had the idea for two or three years now, I don’t exactly remember when it first ‘came to me’. It’s called ‘The Red Stripes’ currently, although this may change. I’m writing it on Wattpad and what I really like about that medium is that it’s very flexible, for editing and such.

As for ‘the advertising bit’ you can find it here

The story, without any outright spoilers, is seen through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old, introspective boy called Milo; he is wonderful, and his ‘voice’ so to say has taken me a long time to really create. He notices things, is brutally honest, and describes things in a peculiar way; he feels a lot and cries a lot. What I really wanted to have with him is a sensitive character so I can really show the emotion of the events he, and the other characters experience.

Enough about Milo, hopefully, if you were to read the Stripes, you’d love him as much as I do.

As for antagonists, now that would be giving it away. But basically, there is a heck of a lot of them. And, you never really know who’s truly ‘good’ or truly ‘bad’. But that doesn’t really exist, does it?

It’s set today (well not literally, but y’know what I mean…). Which is a decision I made solely for the actual purpose and ‘meaning’ (many meanings) of the story. Rebellion? Revolution? Heck, I don’t even know myself and I’m writing the damn thing.

Joking, I know exactly what going on. I think…

Anyway, it involves the main ‘cast’ of young adults, ranging in ages, languages and ‘backgrounds’ (I hate that term, don’t know why), really getting involved in a teetering kind of balance of secrets, lies and wars that have made up the past decades. They are standing up, really, for the truth and because it is the ‘right thing’ to do.

All of it may sound confusing but I’m trying really hard to be vague and not give away any spoilers you see. It’s interesting though, I think, especially for young people. I wanted to give some of the literature limelight to teenagers such as myself, in a story set today – not centuries into the future (hunger games, I do love you though). Because there is nothing more annoying to me as a teenager to be misunderstood by our older and arguably more influential peers, the story hopefully shines some light on the opinions of young people, and the actions they can take in order to make their world a better place. The teenagers in ‘The Red Stripes’ are all passionate believers in human rights, fair society, democracy and equality – but yes, they do have bad moments, not because of ‘hormones’ or ‘mood swings’ but because they are independent members of society undergoing the same stress as adults. I really hope that even though Milo, Ana, Sam, Noah and the rest of the stripes are seen as equal to adults because they do a heck of a lot to prove that in the novel.

Anyway ‘rant’ over. I hope that message comes across in the book.

That’s really all I want to say about writing ‘The Red Stripes’ as it’s still a work in progress but there may be an upcoming post with some writing advice for those just starting out or experimenting with creative writing and even the Wattpad process.

Thanks for reading, and you can check out the story if you like 😉





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