kraków day one 


No, I haven’t just learnt Polish. Currently, I am in Poland though, after an exhausting journey with forty-one other fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen-year-olds.

A train goes by, every ten minutes or so – causing vibrations throughout the whole room. That’s great for sleeping. We’re actually staying in the Hotel Alexander (II) located just by a railway, in the centre of Kraków.

After the journey, the (fairly) smooth pass through customs, the other journey (on which I received some free Oreos, from a friend – not a stranger) and a ‘mishap’ at the hotel we could finally settle into our room, where I am now in fact.

Only for an hour though, because my teacher was keen to whisk us all out onto the delight of a three-hour walking tour around Kraków and its many, many churches.

Even though my feet were aching, I was cold and tired (a 4:30 start really takes it out of you) the tour gave us an intriguing insight into Kraków’s history, and it’s significance as a religious, social and even wartime centre for many people, including the many Jews who escaped here during their oppression in the second World War.

We were taken to the Jewish Quarter in fact, and were shown the exact location where a scene in ‘Schindlers List’ was filmed, a particularly poignant film we watched while studying the first and second World Wars last year.

We also visited some religious and cultural sights; Kraków’s large, beautiful market square was one of my favourite locations, being overlooked by St Mary’s Basilica Church. We also visited Wawel Castle, College Maius, and a number of other famous sites, many of which I cannot remember the name of, let alone pronounce.

After (and I’m not joking) three hours of walking we mustered back to the Hotel, eating a meal of soup, chicken, salad and a pannacotta for dessert –  pyszne!

So that brings me to this current moment: sitting on my bed, about to fall asleep…

(The Polish comes from my genius of a friend, Peter, he may show up in a few of my upcoming pictures – look for the ‘lobster’ coat)




this architecture makes for pretty damn great photos, I gotta say






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