so hello?

So you have stumbled upon by blog? I guess I have too, this is the ‘first post’ after all. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this (the whole blog, not just this car-crash-of-a-post) but I thought ‘hey me, let’s start a blog!’ I guess I should introduce myself:

I’m Sophie, I’m fifteen (surprise surprise), I like to write and read a lot, listen to music and work towards my ‘ambition’ to join the Doctors Without Borders. I also like to make side comments using brackets (as you may have guessed).

I like to explore, currently I’m anchored in Devon, where I’ve grown up and been living a love-hate relationship with. I like climbing (although I had a nasty tree-falling-out-of accident a few years back, ouch) and hiking, we live less than an hour away from Dartmoor, so I have quite a selection of explore-able places nearby. I’m a big fan of watersports and great hater of sports that involve a ball; I’ve been swimming since I can remember, surfing since I was nine (we are also blessed with a ten-minute drive from a beach) and kayaking, and recently sea-kayaking, for about a year. I’ve also jumped off a 10m diving board, which other than completing 100% on Lego Marvel Superheroes, is my greatest achievement.

Joking (I think).

As for school subjects and school in general, my favourites are Biology, English and Chemistry. French and History aren’t bad either. I’m a Year 10 (which I believe is grade nine to those over in the U S of A) which means I’m undertaking the national burden that are GCSE’s. But it’s going okay so far (she says, before taking any real exams). I should have some posts with my revision and study ideas and tips up soon.

Apart from the things I’ve already mentioned, I quite enjoy Scouting. I’ve progressed my way up to being an Explorer, which comes with the delight of D of E. With my buddy (who may or may not want her name revealed) I’m completing Young Leaders training with the Beavers Section (to those of you not familiar with Scouting, Beavers are the youngest section and are between the ages of six and eight) which is actually really fun? I know, it’s hard to believe that spending two hours with small children on a Friday evening is generally a pleasurable way to spend your time – but it is (in a non-weird way).

Otherwise, I think I’m done.

Also I like to take pictures and I’m writing a novel – you can find it on Wattpad @ The Red Stripes.

Farewell for now,




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